Saturday, July 19, 2014

We have a location!

Here's a sneak peek into the new home of Barbell Strategy Strength and Conditioning:

Outside (before renovation): 

Inside (before renovation):

It looks a little rough now, but it's a great space.  Those three little windows are going to be replaced with a big glass storefront with double doors, and the whole interior will be spiffed up and outfitted.  But the most important part?  Location!  It's in the Basemar center, at Broadway and Baseline (closer to 27th Way).  We're behind The Egg and I, almost next door to Whole Foods, close to the delicious Brewing Market, walking distance to campus, and on the Skip route but with plenty of parking too.  We plan to sign the papers next week.  So excited to prep this space for some serious training and fun.  Who wants to join us?  

Today's workout was: 

5 rounds of: 
5 heavy goblet squats 
15 medium weight (RUSSIAN) swings

Done barefoot in my backyard.  Why Russian swings?  Because you get great hamstring activation and keep those shoulders safe.  The first of many rants.