Friday, February 13, 2015

February update

It's been a while since our last update, so I wanted to touch base.  We continue our very long conversation with the city of Boulder, trying to get every i dotted and t crossed and form submitted so that they can put us in a queue to start waiting for them to think about maybe letting us start construction on our Basemar space.  The actual construction is estimated to take about a month.  We're starting to reach Ron Swanson levels of crankiness about local government, but eventually, we'll get this place open!  We keep working on all the other little things so that we will be ready to give our members a great experience from day 1.

Lately we've seen SO MUCH EVERYTHING in Boulder's fitness scene.  Everyone offers everything, it seems.  Not us!  We are selective.  We focus on progressive strength programming, smart and efficient conditioning, and providing the social support and common-sense advice for living healthy and feeling good.  We are not a fitness center or party central.  We will not:

  • wear you down
  • injure you
  • confuse you
  • stress you out by pitting you against each other
  • encourage two-a-days and tons of extracurriculars
  • offer packaged crap
  • try to upsell you
  • shove marketing and branding at you
  • offer groupons and slash rates
  • offer yoga, mobility, boot camp, dance, running, endurance, or therapy classes

We are a strength and conditioning gym.  We will:

  • teach you how to get stronger using barbells and kettlebells and sandbags
  • make you sprint (on your feet or on the rower)
  • help you learn how to move better and learn new skills
  • create a place where you belong and feel welcome 

Okay, had to get that out.  Mike and I are both so excited to bring you our vision of this place.  Hang in there.  Opening sometime this spring.