Sunday, May 3, 2015

Soft opening coming soon

We have an update on the space.  April was a big month, and the contractors got a lot of work done on the space.  We now have:
  • plumbing!
  • heat!
  • electricity!
  • walls, with paint!
  • a torn-down front wall!
In progress and soon to be finished are:
  • bathrooms
  • a glass storefront
We anticipate another 2-3 weeks for this work.  We've ordered the mats, platforms, and equipment to be ready to install as soon as the storefront is finished.  

We will have an invite-only soft opening as soon as the space is ready.  This will just be for a short time, to work out some of the kinks of running the business before our grand opening.  To be included in the soft opening invitation, you'll need to opt in by signing up here.  This is for people who want to jump in right at the start of the gym.  We may call on you to help us out with moving heavy stuff, driving trucks, setting up, and trying out equipment and workouts.  Any helpers will get a first-run Barbell Strategy t-shirt and our undying gratitude!  

We are aiming for the beginning of June for our official grand opening.  It's going to be a fun summer!