Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 1 in the books

We had a great turnout for our first day. We saw some great attention to form, quick learning, and hard work. We love the support we're getting from the community, and we're excited to see so many new and familiar faces.

Those of you who came at noon or 5:30 yesterday saw the general structure of a strength and conditioning class. We will keep using this structure going forward. First, we start with a general warm-up on your own. This is to get your heart rate up a bit, get your muscles warm and your body ready to move. Don't worry if you're new and don't know one or more of the movements - a coach will be there to guide you - but the pace is on your own. Next we will teach a skill. Yesterday's skill was the kettlebell swing, which is a great foundation for many of the movements we do in classes. We will take our time with the skill and make sure everyone gets feedback and has a chance to practice and learn. After that is a workout-specific group warm-up. This is not timed or urgent; we just emphasize good quality movements that get you ready to do what's in the workout. We end with the workout, which will focus on either strength or conditioning. Yesterday was a strength workout, and today is a conditioning workout. After the workout, you can put away your equipment and relax. You don't have to rush out - take some time to get to know the people in your class and to chat with us too.

We hope to see you in class tomorrow, and remember, it really helps streamline things if you create your account with us and sign the waiver before class.  You can do that at http://barbellstrategy.frontdeskhq.com.
5 RFT 
  8 Heavy Swings 
  8 Burpees
  8 Box Jump / Step Down