Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Everything builds on good form

Shola demonstrates an efficient, powerful kettlebell swing. Her hips come back, she hinges at the hip, she shows good extension and a straight back, and the bell is weightless in front of her.
As coaches, we stress and insist upon good form for all our members. Everyone is capable of learning good form and continually improving. Good functional movement is important for getting stronger, avoiding injury, and setting up good patterns for how you move throughout your day.

Something as simple as a kettlebell swing forms the foundation for many movements we do in the gym: the opening of the hips is the same in the deadlift and the pulls for the clean and the snatch, as well as some gymnastic movements on the bar and the rings. Learning to swing the kettlebell properly will help you train explosive strength in your posterior chain and will generalize to all these other movements.

Never feel bad when we correct your form, even if we ask you to go with a lighter weight. Strength and speed will come with time and practice and a solid foundation.
3 rounds with full recovery:
8 deadlifts
run 200