Friday, June 12, 2015

Our rig is going up!

The missing parts to the rig will finally be arriving today. If you'd like to help put it together, please come in at 4:30. This may spill over into the 5:30 class, but hey, lifting heavy things is a workout! If the rig comes together in time, you'll have a rack for the front squats and won't have to squabble over the solo squat rack.

It's been a fun week getting to meet people and teaching classes. Thanks to everyone who has made it in so far. Great attitudes and lots of learning going on. We will have one workout at 10:30 on Saturday with both Mike and Amy coaching. It will be a fun team workout, less serious than our weekday programming. Come join the fun and then we'll go to Whole Foods afterward for their $5 burger Saturday deal.
5 rounds with full recovery:
15 front squats
3 tall box jumps