Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Human vs Superhuman

I love our Saturday workouts. After a fun workout we all grab some lunch and sit around the gym and talk. Reflecting on one of the conversations I had this weekend gave me the topic for today's post: the fitness industry is too concerned about creating super humans rather than helping people become simply more human.


What do I mean by that? Fitspiration posts like this are plastered all over the internet.  Commentary like this doesn't do anything to make people more fit or healthier. It just gives a pat on the back to the fire-breathers in the gym and drives a wedge between them and the regular people. It creates a culture of us vs. them, fit vs. lazy. But at Barbell Strategy, we think that everyone who comes in the door is worthy and capable of being a better, more functional, more adapted human.

The for-show stuff - six-pack abs, beach muscles, posturing - doesn't mean much next to just being a better human: using proper movement and good posture, and being strong enough to get in and out of a chair, get up from the ground, shovel your neighbor's driveway, carry heavy boxes, give birth and perpetuate the species, and grow old without sacrificing your independence.

At Barbell Strategy, our goal is to improve your human-ness. The superhuman language may sound enticing, but what can be more noble than to be a better human, to grow more self-sufficient and more useful to those around you? We blend strength and conditioning with mobility work to help you move better. We will counsel you on sleep and nutrition to round out your health and fitness. We don't care about how you look in that superhero costume. We care about making you into a strong person who can serve your community.
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