Friday, July 24, 2015

Our weightlifting team competes this weekend

Here's Michael pulling a PR deadlift during his pretest for the strength program.  Those of you doing the strength program, remember to make sure you're getting enough sleep and enough food.  You can't build muscle without rest and good nutrition.

Good luck to our Barbell Strategy Weightlifting Team who will be in Colorado Springs this weekend for the Rocky Mountain State Games.  Since the team will be away, there won't be club practice hours on Saturday.  If you want to lift Saturday morning, feel free to come in at 10:30 during the normal S&C class hours, we'll make room for you.

Weightlifting team folks, we have a few special edition shirts available.  Pick one up before the meet.

Row 600 m, rest 3:00
Run 600 m, rest 3:00
Row 600 m, rest 3:00
Run 600 m