Monday, July 27, 2015

Rocky Mountain State Games

Mike is happy when the gym is tidy.
The Barbell Strategy Weightlifting Team had a great showing at the Rocky Mountain State Games this weekend. Lots of PRs and medals. Stay tuned for results on the weightlifting page.

A couple of reminders:

  • CrossFit Roots is hosting a fun local weightlifting meet on August 8. Ryan puts on an organized and positive event. This is a friendly meet for beginners and a good practice opportunity for more experienced lifters. See our post here for more information. If you're not yet ready to compete, come and cheer on E.J., who is signed up. 
  • This Saturday, August 1, we'll be hosting a free Rossiter clinic. See our post here for the details. Get signed up here for a free trial, and see if you can get some of your nagging pain or mobility issues addressed.
  • The Barbell Strategy Weightlifting and Hudson Elite teams are meeting after weightlifting practice this Tuesday for a special Taco Tuesday at Verde in Boulder. All are welcome. Let E.J. know if you plan to attend. 

Front squat 5x3 at 90%