Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Funday

Geoff warms up with a 115 pound snatch balance. We think the Barbell Strategy Weightlifting Team special edition shirt is what makes him so strong.
We wish our weightlifting team good luck as they compete at the Rocky Mountain State Games this weekend. Good luck also to Lauren as she competes in her first triathlon on Sunday.

Remember that weightlifting club hours are canceled today, but we are on for our 10:30 S&C class. Our plan for the workout is flexible depending on who shows up and if anyone needs to finish their strength program for the week. Weightlifters who are not headed down to Colorado Springs today are also welcome to come at 10:30.

Good job to everyone doing the strength program. The first week is in the books. You may feel tired, but your hard work will pay off with strength gains.