Friday, July 3, 2015

Training vs. Testing

Khaled in mid-air.
Yesterday's rowing workout was a good example of training vs. testing. You come into the gym with a lot of drive and motivation to do your best. When we have something with as clear of a metric as the time on a 300 meter row, it's easy to get caught up on how you did, what your time was. But remember that this is training, not testing. What matters more than the time you got was what your body was going through, the challenge and the adaptation to the challenge. The workout was designed to condition you. When you come in and train consistently, follow our programming, and work hard with attention to your form, you will see improvement in your strength and fitness over time. Take pride in the hard work that you are doing, and don't get too caught up in the numbers. Every so often, we will have a day where we test where we are (a one-rep max test, a row, a benchmark workout) so that you can see how you've improved. But most of the time we're just doing the less glamorous work of training. Be careful not to make everything a test; train with focus and take joy in the process.

Remember that today is a normal schedule. Tomorrow we will have a short workout at 10:30 but no weightlifting club practice.
The Bear
5 rounds with full recovery of the Bear barbell complex