Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why complexes?

Ron showing a nice flow as he works through yesterday's barbell complex.
Yesterday was the third barbell complex we've done this month. Complexes are a good way to move some weight over a lot of reps (that's training volume), and they also involve coordination and quick thinking. A complex demands better mastery of its component movements than the movements on their own, and it will push you to stay focused and keep your form efficient. We'll keep doing these!

Remember that the free Rossiter clinic is this Saturday, and you can always contact Randy to schedule appointments with him. Randy wrote a little bit about his experience with Rossiter here. Go give it a read if you're dealing with any nagging pain or mobility issues. Both Mike and I have had success with this approach, and we recommend it.
5 rounds:
6 KB clean and front squat
Overhead plate carry
6 push-ups
rest 2:00