Thursday, August 27, 2015

Announcing the "Rowing for Performance" program

Stolen from Common Mistakes in Rowers' Techniques and Remedies Therefor by Bill Mahoney in The Oarsman, March/April 1978
Remember when I yell at you for lifting your butt too early on the clean or the deadlift? Well the same thing for rowing. You lose all of your power if you don't keep your trunk tight and move those hips and shoulders in unison.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Our very own athlete, Kevin Hodgson, will be leading a rowing program this fall. Our plan is to start in September with some introduction to rowing and finish the month with a real 2k test. Starting in October, we'll run a 12-week program aimed at improving your 2k time. For those interested in a little competition, we'll time the program to finish just before the Mile High Sprints in January (this is a CRASH-B qualifier) or the larger Denver Indoor Rowing Championships, which are usually a week after that. There's no pressure to compete, but it sure is fun! These events are well run and totally open to a beginner. I've done them in the past with no rowing experience other than what we do in our normal workouts.

The general outline of the program will be two days a week which you'll do instead of the normal S&C class that day. We'll send you your personalized workout at the beginning of the week and you can figure out how to fit them into your schedule. Kevin will be around for coaching on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and it would be very helpful (but not required) to work out with him. We are also looking into bringing in a former D-I rower and coach to help us out.

Since we're bringing in some outside (and very expert!) help on this one, we will have to charge a small fee for this program. If you're a member of Barbell Strategy, you can have full access to our program and our coaches, plus a Barbell Strategy Rowing Club t-shirt (and who doesn't want a shirt?) for only $50. This is only to help pay an honorarium to our coaches. Community members who are not members of Barbell Strategy but who want to participate in the rowing program can contact us about pricing.

If you're interested in the program please sign up here. There is no commitment to join the program or pay when you sign up. We just want to keep a list of those interested so we can send you more details later.
Row 3 x 5:00
Rest while partner rows