Saturday, August 15, 2015

Group lunch tomorrow

Join us for a fun team workout at 10:30 tomorrow, and then we'll all head next door to The Egg and I next door to refuel. The weightlifting team will be working out alongside us, so everyone be friendly, meet some new people, and please be mindful in sharing the space.

A few of you have started a 30-day gluten-free challenge. If you're interested too, give it a try! We're not doing any organized food challenges right now, but we will be here to support you if you want to try making changes to your diet. Remember, your training is great but it will only get you so far - nutrition builds the base of health.

While I can eat meat and veggies every day without getting bored, you might be craving an old favorite or looking for more variety. A good resource for recipes and ideas is Chow Stalker. It's a site that links to recipes at many different sites and blogs. All of the recipes are gluten-free, and the site has an advanced search that allows you to narrow down by ingredients, types of diets, methods, occasions and more. I rarely follow recipes, but I like it for inspiration and research.