Monday, August 31, 2015

Know your coaches

Debbie caught on quickly to the kettlebell swing - make that bell float!
Kevin and Mike love asymmetrical loaded carries.
How well do you know your coaches? Mike, Randy, and I all try to give you a good idea of our backgrounds, our perspectives, and our reasons for teaching you what we teach you. If you're not training with us (but you're following the blog), how well do you know your coaches and the people who create your programming? Do they share their reasoning with you? Do you understand why you do what you do?

You may have noticed a lot of Mike rants in the blog posts last week. This week you'll see a few from me. This is all so you can get to know us, our views, and our rationales. We are always trying to learn and to bring the best of health and fitness information to you. Rather than just throw links at you, we will always provide context so you can keep learning and stay motivated to train and live healthy. We take care with everything we write because we value clarity and honesty in our communications with you.
5 rounds with full recovery:
2 squat clean thrusters
suitcase carry, 200 m

Recovery Week Workout (for people who just completed the strength program)
5 rounds with full recovery:
50 light KB swings
row 200 m