Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Muscle cramps - ouch!

Mike likes to refer to the enzyme in this reaction as "sodiumpotassiumpumpase".
I had a question about cramping today. If the summer heat combined with lots of training is making your muscles cramp up, make sure you're getting enough hydration and enough potassium. Bananas are known for being high in potassium, and they're a good choice post-workout because they're mostly glucose, which replenishes your muscle glycogen. Citrus fruits have even more potassium than bananas. Mike's choice is a small glass of grapefruit juice every morning. Winter squash, potato, and sweet potato are also good choices, especially post-workout.

We may have some schedule changes to afternoon and evening weightlifting hours this week and next. Be sure to check the calendar for the latest information.
Squat to a heavy single
then 6x3 at 80%