Monday, August 17, 2015

Posture when rowing

Stolen from Common Mistakes in Rowers' Techniques and Remedies Therefor by Bill Mahoney in The Oarsman, March/April 1978
Today begins our focus on rowing. For the next few weeks we will have at least one rowing workout a week. If you're really interested in learning how to row, we plan on adding a supplemental rowing course this fall to prepare for the Rocky Mountain Sprints in January.

Rowing is a great "cardio" workout, but it still trains all of the good movement patterns that we teach every day at Barbell Strategy: rowing a 2K is like doing 200 power cleans. When you're sitting on the rower gasping for air unable to think straight, go back to your lifting technique, keep that core tight and drive through your legs and hips. The back and arms just follow through with the stroke. Don't get sloppy, it will make it worse. It's a mental game, and if you can force yourself to keep a good stroke, you'll be much faster.

Above, you'll see one of the of many things to think about when you're rowing.  Today think posture, posture, posture on every stroke. Keep that core tight and those shoulders strong.
Row 250-500-1000-500-250 
rest 1:00 between rounds (or rest while partner rows)