Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Strength training will make you live longer

Borrowed from this article by Skyler Tanner, one of my favorite strength-age researchers.

Here is a good article I read last week that simply states why you should be strength training.

tl;dr - Strength training will make you live longer and make those extra years higher in quality.

I know I go on ad naseum about how strength is the most important skill and that strength is the basis of everything we do at the gym. This is why we do it that way. Sure, it's fun to have a 400lb squat or a 600lb deadlift, but those numbers don't really mean anything. What really matters is improving your quality of life outside the gym. Being strong and having muscle mass is one of the best predictors of all-cause mortality, or as Mark Rippetoe says "Strong people are harder to kill...and more useful in general."

So make sure you come in today and start getting stronger for the rest of your life. We design our programming to systematically improve your strength in a safe and effective way that works well for both experienced athletes or those just getting started.
Press 5-5-5
Push press 3-3-3
Push jerk 1-1-1
Jerk 1-1-1