Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Yes, you really do need to keep working out as you age

Full house at Weightlifting Club tonight, and a full house in the S&C classes (not shown) all day!
Yet another article came across my radar about keeping and improving your fitness as you age, and since I'm on a roll this week, let's look at this one too.

The take-away from this article - and you really should read it, it's a good one - is that just keeping moving as you age isn't enough. You need to constantly push the envelope on intensity to really get the benefits of exercise.

This doesn't mean going till you puke 5 days a week; it means periodically doing a hard and heavy workout followed by lots of rest and lots of active recovery. That sounds a lot like the Barbell Strategy approach to training.

From the article:  Lift Weights, Eat More Protein, Sleep More, More Recovery. Are you paying attention to all 4 dimensions? Lifting Weights means lifting weights, not just moving. Water aerobics doesn't cut it here; you need to put weight on your bones and muscles and connective tissue to get the benefits. There's no one I've talked to that wouldn't benefit from more protein, and, as Mat Lalonde (another chemist gone fitness nerd) says, "If it doesn't have a face, or a soul, it's not protein." If you're not getting 8 to 9 hours of continuous sleep in a dark room each night, the wheels will eventually fall off. The trouble with sleep deprivation is that it's like being drunk: your perception changes so that you don't realize you're sleep deprived. So you have to just trust me on this one, and sleep more. Finally, are you getting time to recover? If you're working out 5 to 6 days a week plus playing hard in the mountains on the weekends, your body isn't getting time to repair and respond to your training. Without proper recovery you will get injured. Be smart!

Yesterday, you guys really pushed the heavy overhead work. Just about everyone was within just a few pounds of their PR by the time they got to the final rep. That shows that you were pushing the intensity and getting a great hormetic stressor that will make you stronger. Today's workout should be a good compliment to that work and give you some time to recover.
5 rounds:
Run around the building
Farmer’s walk around the building
OH plate carry around the building
Rest 1:00