Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Big PRs to end the strength program

Crowded Labor Day!  Everyone had to share platforms.
The weightlifting team and S&C class worked out at the same time on Labor Day and the energy was great. The increased energy was an added bonus for those who were finishing up the strength program. Ron, Jeremy, Todd, Lauren, and Aja all got some significant PRs this weekend - it's always great to see immediate results after finishing a cycle.

Some highlights: Todd added 30 pounds to his squat and his deadlift, Aja added 30 pounds to her deadlift, and Lauren added a whopping 50 pounds to her deadlift. Jeremy and Ron both saw improvements (I can't remember the numbers exactly) and are on to another strength program already. Still waiting on Michael and Vaidy to test later this week.

The kettlebell program will start next week. No need to sign up for it - just let us know in class if you're interested. We'll post the 2 kettlebell workouts for the week in Monday's post, and you can pick any two days of the week to do those workouts. No need to come in early for these - you will just do them instead of the regular class programming.  The kettlebell program is only available at the noon class, we have too much going on at 5:30.

Snatch up to a heavy single
Then 12-9-6 at 60%