Monday, September 14, 2015

Come get your monostructural conditioning today

Stolen from Common Mistakes in Rowers' Techniques and Remedies Therefor by Bill Mahoney in The Oarsman, March/April 1978
Were you thinking about making sure that you're getting in your monostructural conditioning? Today is your chance. Need more convincing? We just finished an introductory strength program and everyone saw huge gains. Much of this really could be attributed to the novice effect since most everyone was new to a focused strength program. However, it really did work! We tested 1 rep maxes before the program and the program was based off of those 1 rep maxes with no one ever lifting more than 70 percent of their max on any given lift. When we retested, everyone blew away their old maxes, with some improving by as much as 50 percent.

This strength program was designed as a foundation-builder. Lots of reps below 70 percent doesn't sound like a program that would make anyone strong, but that's exactly what we did. We spent 6 weeks building a base, and then when it was time to pull heavy, everyone's muscles (and more importantly connective tissue) were all set for the max effort. It works in strength, and it works in conditioning too.

Today's workout will help you build your aerobic base so that you can work harder and safer when we push the limit on the harder stuff. We still need to push the limits and provide the hormetic stressors that signal our bodies to get strong, but without the solid base, we won't have anything to build on. Long, slow, low risk punctuated by short, intense, high pay-off...where have I heard that before?

Amy and Kevin showing how not to fall into the finish and keep good posture.
Row 4 x 4:00, rest 4:00 between rows
Kettlebell Workout Week 1 Day 1
Warm-up: 10 TGUs, 30 swings (light), 15 snatches each arm (light), 10 clean and jerks each arm (light)

5:00 snatch (light) without setting down the bell, switch arms as needed

20 cleans (light) each arm, only switch once, cycle without pause

1 clean and 10 jerks each arm, only switch once, cycle without 

goblet squat mobility

Kettlebell Workout Week 1 Day 2
Warm-up: 10 TGUs, 20 goblet squats (light), 20 snatches each arm (light)

one-armed swings
double swings
rest 2:00 between rounds

3 rounds:

5 clean and press each side