Monday, September 28, 2015

Final days of September rowing workouts

From Kevin:

Here is the last workout for September. We have had a great September and everyone (both program and non-program people) that has participated has been steadily improving their stroke technique. We are hoping to seem some good times on our 2k test to start the Fall rowing program off with bang.

Since rowing at times seems a little crazy...Yes, it is really odd that everyone was "sick" for every rowing workout over the last month...this Tuesday's skill as well as the workout is focused on the mental aspect of rowing. Coach Metta is going to breakdown the 2k benchmark workout/race and talk about approaches and strategies for success. Then we are going to do a 20-25 minute workout consisting of 5x500m sprints--which will test the Athlete's endurance as well as recovery (Laying on the ground is perfectly acceptable.) Then on Saturday, to start off October and the fall rowing program, we will do a 2k test. This is intended to be at our "all out" race pace and the overall time as well as the 500m split time will be the benchmarks for the your programming moving ahead. Meaning when we say "85% of race pace" in a future workout that will be 85% of the 2k/500m split time that we set on Saturday.
Warm up
3 Rounds:
10 Goblet Squats
10 Ring Rows
10 Push ups
10 Good Mornings with PVC
Tuesday Skill
2k Approaches and Strategies
Discuss and establish Athlete's target race pace for Saturday
Tuesday Workout
5x500m sprints with 2:00m of rest between each
Saturday Workout
10 minute free row (A.K.A. "Just Row"). Focus on good form and warming up the body.
2x500m at 2k race pace (don't go crazy) then light paddle 3:00-5:00.
Take a short break--no more then 15:00 (stay warm).
2000m race for time.
Warm down
Stretch as needed. 
Focus on the forearms, hamstrings, glutes, shoulder blades, quads, lower back, etc.