Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rowing Program Week #2

I like just reposting Kevin's programming raw with all of his commentary.  Here are the two workouts for this week in rowing.

Remember, Kevin is available Tuesday 5:30 and Saturday 10:30 for in-person instruction, but you can do these two workouts any time this week on your own.

The Tuesday AT workout is a 5 x 750m (80-85% of max) with 4 minutes of rest in between. It should amount to about 25 minute of work with about 16 minutes of rest and should be programmed as such as an interval workout in the PM5. The goal is for the athlete to to find both a consistent split time and stroke rate and try and hold the same for all five pieces. It should be around 22-26 spm and/or at an intensity commensurate with the athlete's experience and strength. So for novices perhaps around 2:15-2:30/500m. For more conditioned rowers perhaps 1:50-2:00/500. Since we are time limited to 1 hr., the skill portion of the workout should be relatively limited to warm-up and basic skill reinforcement. This week is about breathing. Funny, but everything sort of comes from the breathing. No breathing=pass out. Pass out=no power and laying on the floor drooling (A.K.A. bad). Skill work this week should focus on on breath during low intensity rowing one (1) breath--exhale gradually on the drive, expelling all remaining air at the finish. Inhale on the recovery. If time permits, during high intensity rowing try two (2) breaths--exhaling as you finish the drive. During the recovery, inhale, then exhale quickly. Inhale again just before the catch. The most important thing is to create a breathing pattern and stick to it during rowing. Allow for about 5-10 minutes for breathing discussion and skill work.

For the warm-up I like the 10-10-10 (x2): wall balls, ring rows, push ups with perhaps the addition of walking lunges just to stretch out the hip flexors a little bit more. Light goblet or air squats can be substituted for wall balls.

If short on rowers or partnered up (team workout), make the workout a relay 10x750m with each athlete rowing 5x750m with the rest being the alternating athlete's time (still at 80-85% of max).

For Saturday's long workout: 2000m @ 20spm, 4000 @ 18spm, 2000 @ 20spm with 8-10 minutes recovery between each piece (80% of max effort). The goal is to keep the 8000m target but lessen the recovery between each piece and add just bit of increased intensity for the slightly shorter pieces.