Monday, September 14, 2015

Rowing Program Week #3

Here is this week's rowing workouts from Kevin.

So we have talked quite a bit over the last couple of weeks about the importance of correct form. Specifically towards delivering effective power with a particular focus on the primary sequencing of legs-back-arms-arms-back-legs (rinse and repeat). This week's goal is to focus on the recovery. It's the time of the stroke where the athlete actually gets to relax take tension out of their body, inhale, and perhaps reconsider their workout choices and ponder if rowing is as really fun as it seems (it is). Most importantly the recovery is the "2" in the 2:1 ratio we try and set for the entire rowing stroke. Therefore the recovery should, at least at slower stroke rates/speeds, take roughly twice as long as the drive. Studies (nefarious) have shown that this is just the right amount of time to forget how miserable the drive portion of the stroke is so athletes should take this time to actually relax and recover.
Warm up
run 400
walking push-ups down and back
walking lunges bown and back (optional twist)
Skill drill
Set damper to a low level (1-3) and row with moderate intensity at 20 SPM. This will roughly translate to a 1 second drive and a 2 second recovery. Be mindful of keeping the hands in continuous motion as any "hitches" or pauses can disrupt the stroke, keep the body unnecessarily in tension, and negatively affect the recovery. Row in sync with a partner or in a group if possible. Perform for 5-10 minutes.
Tuesday's workout
15 x 250m @ 24-28
rest 45 sec between sets
about a 90% effort, try to keep same intensity for each interval
Saturday's workout
1000m @ 22 SPM
2000m @ 20 SPM
4000m @ 18 SPM
2000m @ 20 SPM
1000m @ 22 SPM 
rest 5 min between sets
Warm down
supine glute stretch
single knee grabs
child's pose
lacrosse ball on any pinchy spots