Monday, September 21, 2015

Rowing Program Week #4

From Kevin:

I took a page out of last week's barbell complex for the warm up. So the rowing workouts this week are programmed with an eye to the 2k test next week--yes it's October. It is time to see if the rowing program can match the strength program's success--particularly alternating between Tuesday's anaerobic and Saturday's aerobic workouts. Hopefully the you participated in the 2k row last month and have a sense of your approximate time (and level of previous suffering).
Warm Up
Run 400
Unweighted Barbell/PVC Complex 5-4-3-2-1: 
Upright Row, Squat, Behind the Back Press, Good Morning, Row. 
Five push ups between each round. 
Athletes to focus on good movements and range of motion--not the time or the weight.
Skill reinforcement (in this sequence). 
20 strokes pause at drive
20 strokes arms away
20 strokes pause at recovery (bodies over)
20 strokes no pause.
Tuesday's Workout
This week we are stepping up a bit in anticipation of letting it fly next week and altering two variables to work on peak output. This workout is designed to map increases in both intensity and speed against a descending time ladder. Oh the humanity!

intervals with 2:00 rest
6:00 @ 24spm /  75%
5:00 @ 26spm /  80%
4:00 @ 26spm /  90%
3:00 @ 28spm / 100%
2:00 @ 28spm / 100%
1:00 @ 28spm / 100%

As always, even when tired, we want to focus on good form, breathing, and maximizing recovery. Form equals fluid rowing and fluid rowing equals fast!
Saturday's Workout
Saturday's workout is designed to continue to stretch the Athlete's endurance and aerobic/steady state conditioning as well as tick up the intensity slightly in anticipation of next week's 2k test.

1000m @ 22spm
4000m @ 20spm
4000m @ 20spm
1000m @ 22spm
5:00 of rest between each piece
Warm Down (Athlete's choice)
Supine Glute Stretch
Forearm/Wrist Flexors Stretch
Static Lunges/Hip Flexors Stretch
Triceps Stretch/Grab
Posterior Rotator Cuff (straight arm across the front of the body).
Here's a handy table to consult
In weightlifting it's easy to say 75% effort because you just take your 1RM and multiply by 0.75 (and then round to the nearest 10 and add 5, because we know that all valid weights in weightlifitng end in "5" - unless you're a kilo person).  But when talking about rowing pace it's different.  Above when we write 75% effort we mean to go at a speed that's 75% of your 2k race speed. In the nifty table below, you can see your predicted 2k race time and then 500m split times (in rowing we measure speed as your 500m pace) for various intensities.  Use those in the workout above.  In the future, more workouts will be based on your personal percentages, so get familiar with doing it this way.