Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The gym is a supplement to your activities

Mark looks so sad. Rowing is supposed to be fun.
In yesterday's post Amy wrote about how she tries to be on the continuum between coaching too much or coaching too little. It got me thinking about how I coach. I realized that I'm the annoying coach that makes you think a lot (too much?). I hate to assign people weights (unless I know them really well and want to push them), so I always say wishy-washy things like "go heavy for what would be a hard 5 for today for you". I do this because I want you to reflect on your day and where you are in your pursuit of fitness, and only you know what your day was really like.

In a discussion I had with another member earlier in the week, he said he finally understood what I meant by "do what makes you feel good for a set of 5". He came from a background where he was always competing in sports or martial arts, and that feeling good wasn't the goal, winning was. Even to the point of injury. He found weightlifting through CrossFit, where often the goal is to win the workout each day. So when I said find a good weight for 5, he would push it much harder than he should because his metric was 5 as hard as possible -- and then get injured.

So I need to pay attention to that, and I will. I never want to make anyone feel like they need to push to (or beyond) the point of injury for some arbitrary number of pounds on the bar. I also want you to remember that what you do in the gym is not the end goal. What you do here is supposed to make you stronger and fitter and feel better so that you can do more outside the gym. Don't follow the crowd and try to go hard every day and win the workout. Listen to your body and make sure that you are using your time in the gym to get stronger for your life. There is a very careful balance in weightlifting where to get stronger, you need to push yourself and push your boundaries, but you can't do it every day. Be careful that you're not spending every workout on the edge, because you will burn out, and that's no fun. Learn to really listen to your body, back off when you've had a tough day at work, or go for a new PR when the stars are aligned.

Having said that, the intent of today's workout is to push yourself and find how heavy you can go. Take time to get warmed up, then we'll go for a heavy triple, double, and single on some core lifts.
As heavy as possible:
Front squat 3-2-1
Squat 3-2-1
Deadlift 3-2-1
Kettlebell Workout #1
10 TGUs
30 swings
30 snatches
30 clean and jerks

5 rounds of of the complex:
5 swings each arm
5 cleans each arm
5 jerks each arm
5 snatches each arm
no breaks between rounds

then farmer’s walks
Kettlebell Workout #2
10 TGUs
20 goblet squats
40 one-armed swings

5 rounds with full recovery:
8 goblet squats
8 push-ups

then 50-40-30-20-10 swings with increasing weight each time