Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The rowing program and S&C converge today

Stolen from Common Mistakes in Rowers' Techniques and Remedies Therefor by Bill Mahoney in The Oarsman, March/April 1978
If you've figured out my pattern, then you'll notice that the rowing program and rowing in the S&C class will converge every 5 weeks. Today is one of those days. Even if you're not doing the rowing program, you'll be doing the workout that the program is doing today.

Today's silly hand-drawn rowing hint is about not falling into the catch - that is, leaning too far forward at the end/beginning of the stroke.  You can see why this is bad if you (again) think about rowing as seated weightlifting. When we set up for a clean or deadlift, we keep our chest up and our hips as open as we can and still reach the bar. The same thing applies when we row, we keep our chest up and our hips as open as we can so that we can stay tight. Just like a touch-and-go deadlift, we don't want to have to spend the energy to regenerate the tightness every stroke. I know that when I have someone constantly yelling at me to keep tight, my split times are easily 0:05 faster, simply because I'm not wasting energy being floppy.