Monday, October 5, 2015

A sample week of S&C programming

We've had a lot of new folks walking through the doors lately, and that's great! One question I have been answering for our new members is what kind of programming we do in our S&C class. So rather than telling you to go read my long discussions (here and here) about how I structure our workouts, I'll just give an example of what a typical week could look like.

We cycle between specific strength and conditioning days (we prefer not to do both on the same day). The strength days are more relaxed with no time pressure. We spend time to make sure we're doing the movements correctly and give ourselves enough rest that each set can be done at full effort. We turn up the time pressure on the conditioning days so that we get the right stimulus. It's okay once in a while to have a 100% conditioning effort, but we try to do that rarely (though today's workout is one of those...).

Generally Monday will be the heaviest day and the weight will drop throughout the week. If you're training every day, you can't go hard every day without recovery. Even if you don't come in to the gym every day, if you go to work every day, by the end of the week your body is tired too. We back off the intensity so that we're not over-stressing you.

Other things that might not be obvious in just looking at a week of programming is that the overall intensity and volume follow the seasons. We're doing our best to get strong in the summer months while spending the other months getting our bodies ready to handle that summer volume. We also will focus on specific movements or tools in a block-periodized fashion, that is, we repeat the same movements often to learn that skill. For example, we did a bunch of barbell complexes and rowing in August and September, and we'll be focusing on kettlebells in October and November. We also always keep revisiting the core barbell lifts (Squat, Press, Deadlift, Clean, Snatch), since they're the foundation to everything we do and the most effective way to build strength.

We strive for programming that builds strength, skill, and metabolic conditioning. We keep the structure of the class approachable but challenging. We're also careful to not test too often - but that's another rant for another day.

This weekend's weightlifting meet results:
The Weightlifting team had a fun and productive day at Front Range Weightlifting Club in Colorado Springs for the Roger Degarmo Memorial meet. We had 8 lifters compete and came home with 8 podium finishes.
Jordan Pepe 63kg Gold
Mandi Schaeffer Fry 69kg Bronze
Ben Jaros 77kg Junior Gold and Best Male Junior Lifter
EJ Isla 77kg Bronze
Mike Herring 85kg Master Gold
James Cushing Murray 85kg Master Bronze
Brian Bender 85kg Bronze
Jason Thomas 94kg Gold and Best Male Lifter
Viking Helen
(I'm not telling you what that means, but you may be able to figure it out with the google.)