Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Competition decorum

It's a good sign when most of the bumpers are in use!
We've noticed a great atmosphere of support in the gym lately, and we love to see the calm focus and respect our members bring into the gym. It seems like a good time to bring up the topic of decorum.

We have a competitive weightlifting team that we are very proud of. But we are not just proud of our athletes' talent and accomplishments; we are proud of their decorum. When we compete, people comment on our team, how they are friendly and positive and how they show good sportsmanship. When we take our rowing team to the indoor sprints early next year, we expect the same thing. Decorum and good sportsmanship are important to us no matter the competition venue, no matter the stakes and the pressure, no matter the rivalry.

A sport like weightlifting requires intensity and focus, but it also requires humility and respect for competitors. When you see bad behavior - disrespect, aggression, intimidation, displays of ego - at an athletic competition, don't be drawn in and don't be discouraged. Take pride in being part of a team and a gym that puts respect first, know that we are proud of you for setting a good example.
8 rounds with full recovery:
3 squats
3 tall box jumps