Friday, October 9, 2015

It's a class not a workout

Todd gets ready to squat heavy.
One thing you might notice when you come to our S&C classes is that they truly are a class and not just a workout. We cover a lot of different movements, and we work with you to make sure that you understand the movement standards, the correct way to approach the workout as a whole, and the reason for the workout in the larger context of our programming. It would probably be better for business to just sell you the fish, but we really want to teach you how to fish. In a lot of gyms or group classes, you show up, they quickly explain what you're supposed to do, and then it's 3-2-1 and you're off and running. That can be fun, but it's hard to make progress when you don't understand the context and methods of your training. Think of training at Barbell Strategy like studying for a degree. It's a long and sometimes difficult process, but it should also be enlightening and fulfilling.

Important Schedule Change Information

Because of the fall weightlifting clinic series (see below), we will not have normal S&C class at 10:30 this Saturday (10th) or next Saturday (17th).

We will also be hosting a USA Weightlifting Course on the weekend after (24th and 25th), so there will be no S&C class nor Weightlifting club hours then.

The most up-to-date schedule information is on our website here.

We will continue to be open for the rowing program only, but you'll need to do your rowing out in the patio (dress warmly!) so that you don't disturb Coach Randy's lectures.

October Olympic Weightlifting Clinic Series

Please join us for our fall weightlifting clinics this Saturday, October 10, and next Saturday, October 17, from 10:30-12. Our in-house expert, Coach Randy Hauer, will be teaching fundamentals and technique for the two Olympic lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. We work on these lifts in the S&C classes, but a more focused clinic will give you a chance to spend more time and really make progress on your form. This is a great opportunity for our new members to learn the basics and start ingraining good lifting habits, and it's a chance for those of you who have the basics down to improve your movement and polish technique.

Saturday, October 10: Snatch Clinic with Randy Hauer
free for members, $50 for nonmembers

Saturday, October 17: Clean and Jerk Clinic with Randy Hauer
free for members, $50 for nonmembers

Full Series (both Saturdays)
free for members, $75 for nonmembers

Sign up here - space is limited.
Goblet Squats
Box Jumps (step-down)