Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Keep it in context

I love that our members come in and work hard and take their workouts seriously. I just want to remind all of you that your workout is just a little part of your day. I'm so happy to see you and grateful for the focused work you put in. But make sure training isn't taking over too much of your head space. It's a limited resource! Try not to spend time at home or at the office thinking and worrying about the day's workout, or what may be coming up later in the week. Make a plan for the week which days you're going to come in, put in the effort for the hour that you're here, and then leave feeling good about your effort. We all have good days and bad days, but let the gym be a bright spot in your day, and know that you are always making progress, even on the bad days. I know from experience that spending way too much time strategizing about specific workouts and training in general can make you pretty miserable in between the highs of anticipation and accomplishment. We're generally not professional athletes, and it's better for your mental health to relax a bit outside the gym. Enjoy your other interests, and keep workout anxiety at bay by waiting until you chalk up to think about the barbell!
7 rounds with full recovery:
5 KB press left side
waiter's walk (OH carry)
5 KB press right side
waiter's walk (OH carry)