Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our class structure

Continuing our series about what to expect at Barbell Strategy, I want to talk about how we structure our classes. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, relaxed, fun-yet-serious place to train as a community.

We start with a relaxed on-your-own warm-up. Take this time to get physically and mentally prepared to work. Generally we'll prescribe the same warm-up all week long that goes with that week's workouts. We reserve the first 10-15 minutes of class for this warm-up.  We'll be there to help you with the movements if you have questions or to help correct your form, but we want you to warm up at a pace that's best for you (you old guys may need more time). We may also assign bonus movements if there is something you need to work on.  If there's extra work that you need to do or extra skill practice that you want to do, feel free to come early to class so that you can work on things without being rushed. Take this time to turn off the stresses of the day and get to know the other folks in class.

After you're warmed up, we'll transition into about 15-20 minutes of instruction on a specific skill. Usually the skill is something that we're doing in the workout later in the hour, or maybe later in the week. This is the time to really focus on learning how to move. We only have 15-20 minutes, so we try to pick something small and drill the movement so that we can learn the patterns. For more complex movements, we'll work on a specific part so we can progress you to the full movements over time (see the note below about our free-for-members weightlifting clinic coming up - this is your chance to get some great focused instruction from our USA Weightlifting National Coach, Randy).

After the skill work, we often do a quick group warm-up to prepare for the actual workout. This is very specific to the workout that day and generally a little harder so that you're prepared for the main workout. Finally, we do the real workout together as a group. Every workout we do has a specific focus that we want you to pay attention to. Yesterday, the goal was to go as fast as you can to get the metabolic stimulus. Today we want to pay attention to perfect form since we're doing a large volume of reps. Tomorrow, we may want to work on taking as much rest as possible between sets so that you can focus on lifting the most weight. We'll be sure to tell you before you start what the intent of the day's workout is - stick to the plan.

You'll notice that most of the time in class is spent working together as a group. We do that on purpose. We want you to learn from those in your class who are more experienced or teach those who are less experienced. Everyone comes to the gym with a different background and has something to share that can help your fellow classmates. If nothing else, be there to cheer on those around you - you always go faster and lift more weight when someone is paying attention. The social aspect to training is more important than you think.

October Olympic Weightlifting Clinic Series

Please join us for our fall weightlifting clinics this Saturday, October 10, and next Saturday, October 17, from 10:30-12. Our in-house expert, Coach Randy Hauer, will be teaching fundamentals and technique for the two Olympic lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. We work on these lifts in the S&C classes, but a more focused clinic will give you a chance to spend more time and really make progress on your form. This is a great opportunity for our new members to learn the basics and start ingraining good lifting habits, and it's a chance for those of you who have the basics down to improve your movement and polish technique.

Saturday, October 10: Snatch Clinic with Randy Hauer
free for members, $50 for nonmembers

Saturday, October 17: Clean and Jerk Clinic with Randy Hauer
free for members, $50 for nonmembers

Full Series (both Saturdays)
free for members, $75 for nonmembers

Sign up here - space is limited.
3 rounds with full recovery
50-40-30-20-10 KB Swing Ladder