Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rowing program officially starts today -- 2k test!

Stolen from Common Mistakes in Rowers' Techniques and Remedies Therefor by Bill Mahoney in The Oarsman, March/April 1978
The fall rowing program starts today with a real 2k test.  Remember to sign up for this program, we have a really great dynamic, customized, personalized spreadsheet that we'll send to you.  Use it to track your progress and it will learn about you and help project what you should be doing at the next workout.
T-shirt included for everyone who joins the rowing program this fall.
For everyone else who hates rowing, it's our normal Saturday-fun day workout.  Something heavy, sprinty, and fun.

Important Schedule Update: Today the weightlifting team is competing - EJ is hoping to qualify for American Nationals! - so Coach Randy will be with the team and not holding normal Weightlifting Club hours this afternoon.  We'll overlap the Weightlifting Club hours with our normal S&C hours and everyone can workout to together.  We'll be open 10:30-12:30 today.