Friday, October 2, 2015

The Barbell Strategy Library

Over the years, Amy, Randy and I have read a lot about health and fitness. Unfortunately most of that has been on the Kindle so we can't easily share it. But for the stuff we have a hard copy of we're starting the Barbell Strategy Library for anyone who wants to read what we recommend. Feel free to borrow anything, just let us know when you take it. If you ask Amy, I bet she'll give you a library card - she really wants to play librarian.

If you have any heath or fitness related books you want to donate to the library, we have space, feel free to bring them in. Part of our mission is to be a center of learning not just exercising, so we want to share knowledge however we can.
Full recovery between sets:
Squat 3x8

Bent-over Row 3x8