Monday, October 19, 2015

Weightlifting clinic finished this weekend - look for more in the future

This weekend Coach Randy concluded our two-part mini-series on the Olympic lifts. Everyone I talked to really enjoyed it and learned a lot. We had people new to the lifts along with those who have been lifting for years, and everyone got something out of the focused practice and instruction. I learned new ways to introduce and teach the lifts. We'll be doing skill-based clinics like this every couple of months, and I really encourage everyone to take advantage of them. (Let me know if there are certain lifts you want to focus on, we can tailor clinics to what you need.)

We are really lucky to have Randy on our team. When he showed up in Boulder nearly 7 years ago, there was no weightlifting program in the area. During that time he has put together a great program, and we are happy that he chose to work out of Barbell Strategy when we opened. There is no one in the area more experienced in coaching weightlifting, and Randy fits right in with our goals of making Barbell Strategy a center of learning and training, not just exercising.

Next week we continue our mission of education by hosting a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coaching Certification. This one is sold out, but we'll be hosting another one in December. If you want to spend two whole days learning all about weightlifting, I encourage you to sign up for one of these courses. Randy is the instructor, so you know it will be great.
Squat 8x2 - go heavy but move fast on each rep