Monday, November 9, 2015

A kettlebell complex

Today's workout is stolen/inspired from a Breaking Muscle post. That post claimed that this was some sort of unapproachable, elite workout that shouldn't even be attempted with a lighter weight. The author spent a lot of time talking about how badass it was and how much it hurt. I think that's ridiculous. Kettlebell workouts are approachable, incremental, and scalable. You can all do this one. You can choose doubles or stick with the unilateral movements we usually do.

We don't worry about how badass a workout is. Workouts aren't for bragging rights - going by that metric just gets you injured. The important thing about a workout is that it makes you stronger and/or improves your skill. I think this one will do both.
4 rounds with full recovery:
10 reps of the complex:

use double kettlebells or do 10 each arm, alternating arms