Monday, November 16, 2015

Building a base (this again)

Jeremiah just joined us, but he was game for the Tactical Strength Challenge on Saturday. Great job!
At the last minute, I decided to participate in the Tactical Strength Challenge on Saturday. It was just a small group of us, 3 from Barbell Strategy and a few more from our host, MBS CrossFit, more of a friendly workout than a true competition. I was basically completely unprepared - unconditioned, haven't made a full recovery post-baby, and I haven't even been on a regular training schedule lately. But I was actually able to do all 3 parts of the workout, and it was because I was able to draw on a base of strength and skill that I worked years to build. I think my little experience this weekend reveals the importance of what we are always harping on: building a base.

This is what we want for all our clients - to help you gradually acquire a foundation of strength and movement skill that you can use the rest of your life. Some gyms and trainers will paint a starry picture of daily accomplishments dripping in self-esteem and rah-rah enthusiasm. Fitness marketing is all glamorous transformations and grinning fist pumps. But while we'd like to think that training provides a linear trajectory of constant improvement and new PR setting, but we all face setbacks eventually. Pregnancy, injury, illness, time off, life stress - they can all interfere with training. But if you have a solid base of strength and skill, you can weather the storm and come back faster.

How do you build the base? It should happen automatically when you come in regularly, do smart programming, and listen to your coaches' cues to improve your movements. We'll provide the programming and the cues, and you just come in and do your part. It's not the thrilling wins or impressive numbers that will keep you strong for the future - it's the humble hard work and attention to detail.
5 rounds:
3 snatch grip BTN thrusters
3 pull-ups
rest 2:00