Friday, November 6, 2015

Deadlift PRs today

Our newest member, Jim, gets his high-altitude PR today.
In addition to Jim's PR, Todd broke 300 lbs for the first time. While we don't like to spend too much time testing, we do like to periodically check our progress. It's good to know where you are in your core lifts so that you can accurately scale the weight for a workout. Remember, though, since you don't get much warning when a test day comes up, you don't get to really prepare for it. So don't expect a new PR on every test day. Lifting heavy singles is also a great workout.

Reminder - Tactical Strength Challenge, November 14. This is a combination of three tests: Deadlift, Pull-ups, and Kettlebell Snatch. If you look at our recent programming, we've tested all three of these. So you know you're ready for it.
5-3:00 minute rounds with 1:00 rest
as many rounds as possible
3 power clean (~60-70%)
6 push-up
9 squat