Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Getting ready for the new year early

Vaidy squats 335 (a 10 lb PR) and he's listening to Amy with a good bottom position in the squat. If I get a chance to put the sequence together, you'll see a perfect bounce out of the bottom taking advantage of the rebound.
Starting in December, we're going to take the winter to really work on getting in lots of really good reps on the core lifts. We'll touch one lift each day before the main workout. For this to work right, you'll need to pay attention to your weights. You'll want some type of logging system. Next week, I'll post a simple page you can print out and bring with you, or you can use a notebook, or even get really fancy and use your smartphone. It doesn't matter, just make sure you have an easy way to keep track of your lifts (personally, I never log anything, but I also can tell you what my 1RM and 5RM are for just about any lift because it's all stuck in my head - if you can do that, I'm happy with that too.)

Schedule reminder: We're closed on Thursday, no S&C, no weightlifting. Eat lots of protein. Friday, we'll run a normal Saturday schedule with a 10:30 S&C class and weightlifting after that. Friday's S&C class is a special edition - we'll be having a Fish Game tournament with a prize for the winner.
For time:
tall box jump
heavy KB swing