Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fun classes yesterday

Kevin representing Barbell Strategy in Doha, Qatar.
It seems that everyone is panicking about the impending snow storm like it has never snowed in Colorado in the winter before. I suspect we'll be open tomorrow, I can't imagine it will be that bad, but keep an eye on the blog anyway (or use that handy RSS link on the right to get your updates automatically).

I did both the noon and 5:30 class today and both were crowded.  I enjoyed seeing everyone and having everyone work hard. The kind of energy we had yesterday at both classes was great - I bet you all did better than you expected in the weird Snatch Grip Thruster workout. Why? Because the energy of your community helped push you harder. Go here to see Randy's start to a series of posts on the mental aspect of working out.
Test 1RM Strict Press