Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Snow today?

Creepy Snowman
Snow today? I'm writing this last night, so there may or may not be some snow when you read this. So are we open if there's lots of snow? Well, really you shouldn't care, if there's enough snow that you have to question if we're open, then you should be heading to the mountains and not going to the gym anyway. But, if you are stuck in town during snow, keep an eye on the blog and we'll let you know if we're going to be open. Generally, we'll punt and follow BVSD's decision - If there's a red light on this page, we'll probably be closed too.

More snow information. We don't have the ideal layout for bad weather. The entrance is at the front, and the changing area is in the back. That means that it's really easy to track snow and water through the gym. If your shoes are wet, please take them off at the front. I know I'm OCD, but it's really just a safety issue, we don't want people slipping on wet platforms.

TSC Saturday. We will be doing an internal Tactical Strength Challenge Saturday as our Saturday workout. Kevin is out of town, so there will be no Saturday rowing, only the TSC. This is a fun, low pressure event, don't be scared by the competition aspect of this. We still don't know if it will be at Barbell Strategy or in Broomfield yet - we'll let you know.

Fish Game. Have you played the fish game on the rowers yet? You might want to practice...
10-2:00 rounds
2 Deadlift (~90%)
5 KB Swings