Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weightlifting for sports performance

Michael doing heavy squats in his strength program.
Weightlifting for sports performance. While most of our focus at Barbell Strategy is fitness for the regular person, we (well, Randy really) also work with athletes in other sports. We are strong advocates of strength and conditioning centered around the barbell for all sports. Randy wrote up a nice article here about the recent research showing that weightlifting is a safe and effective way to train athletes of all sports.

Tactical Strength Challenge. In two Saturdays, November 14, we are going to do an informal Tactical Strength Challenge. We may do it at our gym or at our good friend's gym in Broomfield - we don't know yet. We compete in 3 events: the deadlift, pull-ups, and kettlebell snatch. It's designed as a well-rounded test where any particular athlete doesn't have an advantage. It's open to everyone regardless of fitness or skill level, so we hope that everyone will attend.
Test 1RM Deadlift