Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Did you know Coach Randy wrote a weightlifting book?

Last week we were talking about the intersection of good writers and good coaches and lamenting that it's vanishingly small. Then Randy reminded me that he wrote a book on weightlifting back in 2006 - I had forgotten since he never really marketed it very much. We're excited to re-release Randy's book since he's both a good writer and a good coach. We have a link to it on the side bar, and here too.

Our mission at Barbell Strategy to be a teaching gym. We don't want to simply just be a place where you go get some random workout, we want you to learn about S&C and how to apply it to your life and your sport. Randy's book is a great introduction to using the classic Olympic lifts to supplement your athletic pursuits.
press 3x5 - add weight from last time (more info)
20 min to find a heavy power snatch

12-9-6 T&G at 60%