Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Festivus

Ladies who lunch lift. Jordan and Nikki starting a new cycle last night.
We're hoping to have a little fun today in the S&C class for Festivus. We're going to stay true to our programming and give you a great workout with a fun twist (unlike every other 12-days-of-Chrismas workout that you see out there that just kills you with reps). The theme is feats of strength:

Event #1: Best heavy 5 deadlift (you know me, I love deadlifts)

Event #2: Best heavy 3-rep bear complex

Event #3: Towers of Hanoi heavy shuttle runs

These events will test your strength and speed.

Christmas week giveaway. We've still got the Christmas week giveaway happening with the drawing on Christmas Eve. The winners will wake up with presents in their inbox. There's still time to enter.

A copy of Randy's Weightlifting Book
A Rossiter session with Randy
A Kettlebell lesson with Randy
A personal training session with Jordan
a) 1x5 deadlift
b) 1x3 bear complex
c) Towers of Hanoi shuttle run