Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Loaded carries are good

Mark doing the push press, carry workout today. 
Most of the fitness industry calls them loaded carries, but if they're not loaded you're not carrying anything, so I prefer just to call them carries. Either way, you guys know I'm a big fan of carrying stuff. I maintain that it's the best core work you can get. The fact that you have to balance and react while holding a large (often asymmetrical) weight does more for you than just about anything else out there. It's not just limited to the core too, any reflexive, stabilizer muscle gets a great workout when you carry things. It's really the most functional training you can do - your real life is full of picking things up, taking them somewhere, and putting them back down.

I normally don't link to these kinds of articles; I don't think they're really well written or that in-depth - they tend to follow the internet pattern of simply giving you a shallow list. However, this one is pretty good, I'm including this because it's another trainer arguing for the (loaded) carry. We do lots of carries. Once I get some more sandbags and other odd objects, we'll even have more fun carrying stuff.

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Festivus Hint. We'll have a couple feats of strength for our Festivus workout Wednesday. We'll be keeping track of the scores on the board so you can compare yourself with the other classes. We have three events in mind. Here's a hint for one of those events to give those who read the blog an advantage: Towers of Hanoi.
push press 5x3 - add weight from last time (more info)


4 rounds for time of the complex:
7 bent over rows
7 power snatches
7 squats
7 btn presses
7 good mornings
7 front squats