Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday fun day / make-up day / get your rowing in

The Denver Indoor Rowing Championships are coming up at the end of January, make sure you come in and workout with your team (Kevin is getting grinchy from doing the long workouts alone).

Now that we're doing a strength progression at the beginning of each S&C class, I want to give you the opportunity to make up a missed workout from during the week. So if you missed one of the workouts this week, come in and continue with your progression.

If you're not rowing or following up on your strength progression, I do like to do a fun heavy workout followed by $5 burgers at Whole Foods.

Saturday offers something for everyone!

Remember, we're planning a holiday dinner at Blooming Beets next Saturday at 6:00. We've been long time supports of Blooming Beets because their menu is very paleo-friendly and we don't have to worry about making substitutions. From Iva, the owner of Blooming Beets:

Blooming Beets Kitchen in Boulder was named in the top 10 best new restaurants of Denver metro area by Westword. Blooming Beets has near-perfect reviews on Facebook and Google Places and has been featured in numerous publications, including The Daily Camera, Gluten Free Boulder, Dining Out Magazine, and several other local magazines and blogs. Blooming Beets uses coconut, avocado and olive oils for their cooking, their kitchen is 100% grain-free, 99% of their menu is dairy-free, and they use only 100% grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish. In other words, you can eat anything off the menu.