Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sports-performance open house tonight

You may not be aware that in addition to our normal programming and classes we offer special programming and classes for local sports teams. We work with both Hudson Elite running team and Ric Rojas Running.

We love using the classic Olympic and power lifts to complement sport-specific training. We're hosting an open house tonight at 7:30 for Randy and Ric to talk about how classic S&C can help with your sport. We welcome Ric's runners and their families to learn about our approach to strength and conditioning.

Weightlifters - we need to have the gym cleaned up by 7:30, so get in early to get your workout done. You're welcome to overlap with the S&C class if you need to.

Everyone - remember, we're going to have a holiday dinner at Blooming Beets Saturday at 6:00. Iva is putting together a menu for us. Let Mike or Amy know if you're planning on coming.
front squat 3x5 - add weight from last time (more info)
20 min to find a heavy power clean

12-9-6 T&G at 60%