Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Track practice with Ric

Ric Rojas works with his track and field athletes at the CU field house.
Our core value is that being strong will help you with whatever you want to do. In addition to our normal schedule we work with Ric Rojas Running to provide supplemental strength training to track and field athletes. As a bonus, I get invited to workout with Ric and the kids during their practices. I love going because I used to be a track athlete (though, I was a distance guy and it turns out my specialty really is sprinting), and it forces me to keep up with real sprinters half my age (and one guy twice my age - it's kind of fun being the geometric mean).

Last week I was at their indoor practice at the field house and had a blast. I never got to practice inside in the winter before. What struck me most was listening to Ric coach track in a way that I never got coached before. Then, I realized that he spends all of his time dong the same thing to runners that I'm trying to do with people lifting weights: hold back on the intensity.

We have the same philosophy: movement patterns and learning how to do things correctly is more important than weight (or speed). The goal of track practice isn't to run as hard as you can at every practice, the goal is to learn to run correctly. The goal of our S&C classes isn't to lift as much weight as you can every day. It's to learn how to move your body correctly. We spend most of our time at light weights getting the reps in, burning in the motor neuron patterns, then we lift heavy. Ric constantly is reminding his runners to slow down and prescribes what feels like ridiculously slow paces for their laps, and it reminded me of my constant reminders to everyone to start the progressive strength program with crazy light weights.

It makes me feel good that I've found someone (who has a proven track record of producing excellent athletes) who has the same philosophy as I do.
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