Thursday, December 17, 2015

Welcome Jordan to Barbell Strategy!

At the new year, Barbell Strategy will have been open for six months, and our half-year mark seems like a great time to expand our team and our class offerings. We are excited to announce that Jordan Pepe will be joining the Barbell Strategy coaching team starting in January. We have known Jordan since she moved to Boulder a couple of years ago. She was one of the first people to help us set up the new gym when we opened in the summer, and we've been anticipating bringing her onto our team as soon as we grew big enough to support her.

Jordan is both a great athlete and a great coach. She has been training with Randy to compete in national-level weightlifting meets. She also is Randy's go-to assistant when he teaches the USAW coaching courses. She has experience with group classes and personal training and is a knowledgeable and positive person to have in the gym.

Jordan will be coaching a morning S&C class. We don't have a set schedule yet, so please let us know what times work for you. She's also great one-on-one and will be offering personal training sessions.

Here's a little bit about Jordan in her own words:

Here is a little bit about myself, my journey to Boulder, and to Barbell Strategy. I grew up playing soccer as a kid and took that sport very seriously throughout high school. I am originally from Huntsville, Alabama and the teams I played for frequently ended up being among the top teams in the Southeast. I always imagined I would end up playing soccer in college and later becoming a soccer coach, but at 19 years old my world changed when I decided to join the fire service.

While preparing to be a firefighter in 2008 I fell into the sport of CrossFit and it quickly became my sport of choice. A little about my competition history includes a 42nd place finish at the Southeast Individual Regionals in 2010, a 9th place finish at the Southeast Team Regionals in 2012, a 15th place finish at the Southeast Individual Regionals in 2013, and a 6th place at the USAW Nationals in 2013 as a 69kg Olympic lifter. Since competing at the USAW Nationals in 2013 I dedicated myself completely to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and have since won several local meets back home, as well as here in Colorado. I hope to one day return to the national stage in the sport of weightlifting.

While firefighting back home I decided that I wanted to get into coaching. This coaching didn't turn out to be in the sport of soccer like I had anticipated, but in the world of strength and conditioning. I decided to quit my job as a firefighter and began coaching athletes full time in 2010. I started specializing in coaching weightlifting as well as general fitness shortly after that in 2012. I now work with all kinds of people from every age group and walk of life. From group class environments, to one on one personal training, I love it all!

With a passion for weightlifting and a strong sports and conditioning background I felt like Boulder would be a great place to live and work. So about a year and a half ago I made the trip to beautiful Colorado to work and enjoy all this active state has to offer. This has been one of the best decisions I've made so far! I can't wait to start working with all the wonderful athletes at Barbell Strategy! So keep an eye out for me at the gym and come say hi, I can't wait to meet everyone!