Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bobby is racing today

Here's Bobby doing some presses. Bobby's main sport is masters track and field. He has worked with Randy in the past and he's back again for some more strength training. When he came back, he told us that during his last session with Randy (A simple 10 week strength program) he was able to cut 1.6 seconds off of his 60m sprint time. That's more than 10% for him. He's training here because he saw that focused strength training has a significant impact on his sport - proven by the clock.

I won't tell you how old Bobby is, but he's towards the right on the strength curve below where he needs to do all he can to keep his muscle. It astounding that with some simple strength work Bobby was able to improve so much while others his age are quickly losing their strength.
credit Skyler Tanner
Today we'll have our 10:30 workout and Weightlifting Club practice at the same time since Randy & Jordan are in Greely teaching a USAW course this weekend. It's always fun when we compress everyone together at the same time, so be there and meet some people you don't usually see.